About us

Welcome to Inkashop.se


My name as the founder of this shop is Åse Lövqvist.

When I myself started walking this path, I found it a little difficult to get hold of these products in Sweden, so I started to convey these on a small scale to help others who needed it. It was after a trip to Peru in 2016 that I made with friends, where we spent time with Q`ero Pacos and visited sacred sites. hiked in the mountains and met the people who live in the remote villages that the inkashop.se was created.


A major purpose of this shop is to also support the indigenous people who live in the remote mountain villages of the Peruvian Andes. We work together with the

Q´ero people and from the villages of Chinchero, Ausangate. This without intermediaries, which means that we can proudly say that most of the crafts we sell; mesa cloths, altar cloths and some bags and pouches come directly from the indigenous people and their families.


We also strive for community and cooperation among all who are stewards of the earth and live a life of purpose and service to one another.


inkashop.se also collaborates with fantastic teachers who teach this wisdom. Including Victor Forselius who works in direct contact with Qèro Paco's and creates a bridge of support between the indigenous population and the modern western world. He holds courses and trips in Inca-shamanic energy medicine "The Medicine Wheel", you can find more information about him at qeromedicine.se


Links to more practitioners of the Andean tradition please visit their site for more information.


Annika Lind - ”Schamanka”  - Stockholm


Katarina Forsberg-Pettersson - ”Hela Alltet” - Söderhamn


Annia Löwentun - Falkenberg