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inkashop.se was created to be of service to you and the indigenous people who preserve their culture and wisdom. Our intention is to offer quality products that promote a lifestyle of living in harmony with oneself and with nature, Mother Earth and in community with others and provide them with resources for spiritual growth.

Here you will find handcrafted textiles and products that support the indigenous people so that they can continue to preserve their cultural heritage and share their wisdom.


All products that are available in the online store are always sent from our own warehouse in Sweden.

We strive for a sustainable future, so you may not always receive a new box with your goods as we recycle all packaging material that comes to us.

We also offer products such as incense, cleansing, drums, scented candles and much more.

inkashop.se always strives for fair trade and sustainable products that promote cultural wisdom and world heritage. If you want to know more about our business, read more by clicking HERE.


Thank you for supporting and supporting our collection of artisans who in turn support you.



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