About us

Welcome to Inkashop.
Our intention with this shop is to be in service for all our sisters and brothers who practice the Andean tradition, or energy medicine and need tools for their spiritual journey. 
Not only helping the Inca medicine workers of the Western world, we set up the shop to also provide a huge support to the native Q'ero people living in the remote mountain villages of the Peruvian Andes. We work with the Q'ero without any intermediaries, which means we can proudly say that the vast majority of the crafts we sell; mesa-cloths, altar-cloths and hand made bags/sachets come directly from these people and their families.
Some altar-cloths also come from the native people who live at the sacred mountain of Ausangate. These people are considered brothers and sisters to the Q'ero people and are also masters of the ceremonial weaving techniques.
I, Åse Lövqvist, run Inkashop and work with Inca-shaman energetic medicine, courses. More info about me can be found at www.laviva.se.
Through my shop, I also collaborate with Victor Forselius who has been working in direct contact with the Q'ero people for 9 years creating a bridge of support between the Q'ero people and the modern western world. He provides courses in Inca Shaman energy medicine called the "Medicine Wheel", and as well as organises trips to Peru to experience the Inca Shamanic world first hand! More information can be found about him at www.qeromedicine.se